This is the frequently asked questions page where we make up questions we think you might ask and answer them... someday. But here's some of the questions we've thought up already.

Is the news here real?

Seriously? People actually ask that question? News of fast food wars, parking meters who write poetry? Jailed politicians on work release to attend city council meetings? Millions of hamsters and seals attacking cities? Are you people on drugs? Of course the news is real here. And if you believe that then...

Do you have a privacy policy?

Of course I have a Privacy Policy. The question is: is it worth the paper it isn't printed on?

How do we contact you?

Yell very loudly. And if that doesn't work then send an e-mail to RecycleBill@gmail.com  Or try my Contact page.

Do you have a newsletter?

Yes I do, and sometimes-- though not often-- I even remember to send it out. I think the last time I sent out the newsletter was a few years ago. It's a double opt-in newsletter meaning you'll first get an e-mail informing you that you need to click on something to make it work. Here's where you can sign up:

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Do you ever sell your work?

When I can, money is tight these days. Not many people are buying the lunatic ravings of an old man or the things I make.

Above you write "we make up questions we think you might ask" who is we?

Nobody, just me, I made that up just like I make up many of the things you read here. It's called fiction and it's for your entertainment.

Does this site have an RSS feed so that others might subscribe to it?

Yes it does. You can find the Wackemall RSS Feed by clicking the link.

So what is this Random link thing at the top all about?

It's a discovery engine of sorts. I wanted a way to find web pages that I could never find on my own, completely at random and without using search engines, so I cobbled together some available code and built the Wackemall Random Link Generator. There are better one's out there but this will do until if and when I learn how to do better.

So do you have a life outside of Wackemall?

I'm the world's largest Wackemall media, mining, manufacturing, farming & transportation producer in the world-- why would I? Besides, I'm retired, my real life would bore you so I make things up.