One Bag of Potatoes

I once picked up a tractor-trailer load of true Idaho potatoes in Boise and hauled them to Dallas, Texas. When I got to my destination we learned that the shipper had loaded 200 extra pounds (in one giant sack) and the customer refused to accept any extra.

So rather than throw them away I decided to keep them and take them home to North Carolina. Only problem was my dispatcher had me pick up a sealed trailer going to Los Angeles.

Now as I was not allowed to open a sealed trailer I had to put those lovely Idaho potatoes in the cab of my truck. Now if you have never carried a 200 pound sack of potatoes you just don't know what you are missing. Nor do you want to know.

To make matters worse that giant sack of potatoes had to go on my bunk as they blocked my view of my right mirror if I put them in the cab. And it would be 5 more weeks before I finally made it home.

Night after night I moved those potatoes from the bunk to the cab so that I would have a place to sleep. And some nights when I was really tired I slept on top of those true Idaho potatoes.

Made them all the better when I finally got to eat some of them

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