Not My Nut, You Won't!

I was on my way to the local auto parts store to pick up some 1156 bulbs to put in the turn signals of an old motorcycle I've been building when I noticed a skinny gray squirrel burying a pecan under one of the hundred year old oak trees in my front yard. As I'm retired and never in any hurry I decided just to watch.

Quickly he dug with his tiny front feet while holding the pecan-- no doubt from the pecan tree in my back yard-- in his mouth. Then he dropped the nut in the hole and pushed the dirt back over the top of it being sure to tamp it down with his tiny feet. Then, just for good measure he pushed two oak leaves over the top of it, one with each tiny paw.

It was then he looked up and saw me watching him. "I'm going to steal you nut." I said.

He quickly dug up his nut and ran away with it!

You reckon he understood what I said?

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