Aug 3, 2019

Big Bob

I won't name any real names but years ago I worked with a truck driver I'll call Big Bob who was not only a giant of a man but loved to take speed. Thanks to his pill popping Big Bob could run 2 to 3 times as much freight a week as I could.

Early one morning about 2 AM I saw Big Bob's truck and trailer on the side of the road on US 29 just a few miles south of Charlottesville. Knowing I should check on him I stopped and walked back to were Big Bob was standing. "You okay, Bob?"

"Yeah Billy, I'm fine," Bob answered, "but I'm going to kick this stupid mutherfucker's ass."

"Why?" I asked looking around at nothing but a sign indicating a curve ahead. No one there but Big Bob and I.

"Cause this asshole was standing on the side of the road hitchhiking," Bob explained, "so I stopped and all he does is stand there and look at me with that stupid grin on his face."

Knowing I needed to think fast and knowing I didn't dare risk an argument with Big Bob I looked at him and said, "Screw that idiot. Let's you and me ride on up to the truck stop, leave that asshole on the side of the highway."

"Yeah, lets do that," Bob laughed as he walked back to his truck. "I'll buy your coffee."

As soon as Big Bob got something in his stomach he passed out for about 10 hours.

Well, Will it?

The God Car Will it start? Will anyone care? Will they come rushing out to see what is there? Will it make any difference? Will anyone know...