Jun 17, 2019

Two Eagles Talking

"Where have you been, Stranger? Why I haven't seen you since the Holidaze."

"Speaking of Holidaze, Punxsutawney Phil told me to tell you hello."

"Is that where you've been, with Phil?"

"Actually I flew around the world."

"All the way around the world?"

"Both ways, east to west and north to south."

"But that's over 48,000 miles, why so far?"

" 'Cause I wanted to see for myself if this global warming thing people keep fighting about is true."

"Well is it?"

"Is what?"

"Is global warming true?"

"Everywhere except Washington, DC."

"So it's not getting hotter in Washington, DC?"

"Who says?"

"You did."

"No I didn't, it's long past that."

"It is, really?"

"Yep, everyone who goes to Washington, DC gets their brains fried."

"That explains a lot."

Photo via doc ellen of dreamingsongsphotos, Jordan Lake, North Carolina.

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