May 13, 2019

The Murder Of Adam Wiser

Leo Stori stood before the judge and explained his actions, "I didn't shoot him because he stole the groceries out of my car. And I wasn't never scared so I didn't shoot him because I was in fear of my life."

"But you took the time to walk inside your home and come back out with your gun instead of calling the police," the judge interrupted. "That makes your actions premeditated."

"I reckon they were," Leo replied. "It ain't like I shot the thief by accident."

"For a few groceries?" the judge questioned.

"Naw," Leo answered, "I done tole you it weren't for the groceries. If I would have thought he was hungry I would have give him the groceries."

"So why did you shoot him?" the judge asked.

"Cause the psychopath sum of a bitch laughed and me and made fun of me when he took 'em," Leo explained.

"Do you shoot everyone who makes fun of you, Mr Stori?"

"Not yet," Leo answered. "So far he's the first."

"So why have you never shot anyone before?" the judge asked.

"I kinda figure," Leo explained, "that any man who would steal from you then hang around and and laugh and make fun of you is the sick kind of person who is just going to do worse things to other people in the future."

"So you decided to become proactive and take the law into your own hands."

"I reckon I did," Leo admitted.

"Do you regret having shot the victim, Adam Wiser?" the judge asked.

"I only regret that I'm a lousy shot and didn't kill him," Leo proclaimed. "I never could hit the broad side of a barn when I was shooting hand guns."

Adam Wiser had already been released from 30 days in jail having been sentenced to time served. As Leo had predicted Mr Wiser would go on to commit crime after crime until finally a conviction for the brutal rape and murder of a 13 year old girl landed him in prison 5 years later where Leo Stori who had been sentenced to 10 years for attempted murder in the first degree, was there waiting on Adam Wiser to arrive.

Less than a week after having arrived at the prison, Adam Wiser was found tied to his bunk, his body having been slowly and painfully bled to death by hundreds of small cuts. They were never able to prove who killed Adam Wiser so Leo Stori was released after just 6 years as a model prisoner.