Apr 23, 2019

Universe In A Baby's Brain: Part 9

Continued from Universe In A Baby's Brain: Part 1

"Planets switching their orbits, tidal waves, what's next," President Watson exclaimed, "entire cities disappearing?"

"That's already happening," General Iverson answered, "The most recent photos from our spy satellites confirm that Tokyo, Beijing, and Moscow are no longer on the planet."

"Oh Baby God," Doctor Roberts exclaimed, "where are they?"

"No one knows," the General answered. "They just disappeared."

"So what can we do?" the President asked.

"We must contact all the world's leaders and most importantly all the world's religious leaders from every religion and convince them to stop praying to God and start praying to Baby God to end his temper tantrum," Doctor Roberts answered.

"Already on it, Madam President," the General stated. "The Joint Chiefs have been in discussion with world religious leaders since Dr Robert's book was published two years ago."

"So the Military believed me?" Dr Roberts asked. "Then why'd you let them lock me up?"

"The Military doesn't run the country," General Iverson replied, "but we're working on it."

"Working on what?" the President asked.

"Fixing the problem, Madam President," General Iverson grinned as the President looked on with suspicion.

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