Apr 19, 2019

Universe In A Baby's Brain: Part 8

Continued from Universe In A Baby's Brain: Part 1

"This all seems absurd," President Jane Watson complained. "Scientists have been telling us for years that gods are something people just dreamed up and now scientists are saying we're supposed to believe in this Baby God. You've got to be kidding me."

"But gods are something people dream up," Doctor Roberts explained, "but just because they're dreamed up doesn't mean they're not real. Some dreams are made manifest by those who dream them. Other dreams are made manifest by those who follow. When it comes to making a god we have to have both the dreamers and the followers."

"But what happened to the last god?" the President asked.

"Humanity made God something he isn't," the Professor answered.

"We can do that?" the President asked.

"Sure," Dr Roberts replied, "if we can dream a god into existence then how hard must it be to change a god? All it takes is enough people expecting God to be someone or something else and given enough time God transforms just as humanity expected him to."

"And we can't change him back?" the President asked.

"Not after a new god has assumed power," Roberts explained.

"Of all the times to become the first woman President of the United States and the whole universe goes to hell," the President shouted. "Could it get any worse?"

Suddenly the entire White House started shaking. Seconds later President Jane Watson looked out her window in the Oval Office to see the Great Sphinx, and the City of Giza in Egypt. "Guess I shouldn't have asked," she said.

"It's even worse," General Iverson added. "NASA is reporting that Jupiter and Venus have switched their orbits. We can expect giant tidal waves and other anomalies when Jupiter passes closest in its new orbit."

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