Apr 10, 2019

Universe In A Baby's Brain: Part 4

Continued from Universe In A Baby's Brain: Part 1

"So where is Dr Roberts," President Watson asked.

"He's in the mental ward at Georgetown," General Iverson answered.

"Well why haven't you got him here already?" the President shouted, "Georgetown is right here in DC!"

"Not anymore," the Director of Health and Human Services informed her.

"Don't tell me..."

"Moscow," General Iverson interrupted.

"I told you not to tell me," the President mumbled.

"Yes Ma'am," the General softly answered.

"Will the Russians let us have him back?" the President asked.

"They've already loaded him in the back seat of a MiG-35 and are flying him here as fast as they can," General Iverson answered.

"Well just make sure nobody shoots them down," the President ordered.

"Yes Ma'am."

"It's yes Madam President!" President Jane Watson commanded.

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