Apr 7, 2019

Universe In A Baby's Brain: Part 3

Continued from Universe In A Baby's Brain: Part 1

On the forth day of the crisis President Jane Watson and her staff again gathered in the White House Situation Room. "Has anyone seen the Washington Monument?" President Watson asked.

"It's in Mexico City," the Secretary of Foreign Relations answered. "Worse than that, the Great Pyramid is now in Israel and every one of the Muslim nations are threatening to wipe Israel off the face off the Earth if it isn't returned immediately."

"If they all attack," the President said," then Israel will use nukes."

"Correct," the Secretary agreed, "and Pakistan will use their nukes."

"Then India fires on Pakistan," the President continued, "and before you know it all of us are shooting nukes at each other. Things are disappearing and reappearing all over the world, the Great Wall of China is on the Texas-- Oklahoma border for God's sake! Is there no one who knows anything about what is going on?"

"Well there appears to be one person," General Iverson answered.

"Well who is it?" the President shouted. "Spit it out, General!"

"Dr Paul Roberts," the General quietly answered as everyone in the room stared in disbelief.

The entire room was silent for what seemed like an eternity to those where were there. Then finally the President asked, "You mean the quack in the loony bin? That Dr Paul Roberts?"

"Yes, Madam President." the General answered.

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