Apr 3, 2019

Universe In A Baby's Brain: Part 1

Dr Paul Roberts was world renown for his work in physics, electronics, biology, chemistry, astrology, mathematics, and more. Having won multiple Nobel Prizes and awards, beaten all the greatest computers in the world at playing chess, and being world champion of several of the most difficult video games ever designed there was little doubt that his genius had exceeded even that of Steven Hawking, Albert Einstein, William James Sidis, Christopher Langan, and a host of others who had all been at one time or another, declared the smartest man in the world.

That was, until the day Dr Paul Roberts made public his belief that the entire universe as we know it, exists only in the brain of a 2 year old baby.

And to make matters worse Dr Roberts declared that the baby is dying and that if a cure cannot be found and administered in time the entire Universe and everything in it will die with the baby.

Dr Roberts was immediately branded insane, made the butt of late night TV skits, and very quickly locked away in the best psychiatric hospital money could buy. Even the President addressed the nation calling it an enormous loss and promised the full support of government to try to find a cure for the doctor's apparent breakdown.

But the predictions made by Dr Roberts would go neither unremembered nor unnoticed.

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