Apr 24, 2019

Universe In A Baby's Brain: Exciting Conclusion

Continued from Universe In A Baby's Brain: Part 1

"So you're telling me," President Jane Watson asked, "that for 2 years the United States Military has been working with world religious leaders behind my back to change what people believe about God?"

"Actually this goes back decades," General Iverson explained.

"Decades!" the President shouted, "Decades!"

"We were hoping to prevent all the damage from happening," the General explained.

"But Doctor Roberts just started talking about this 2 years ago," the President questioned.

"Yes Ma'am," the General answered, "but he started researching it 40 years ago."

"I knew somebody was spying on me," Doctor Roberts exclaimed. "And everyone said I was just being paranoid."

"Sorry about that," General Iverson added, "national security."

"Oh, no problem," Dr Roberts laughed. "Guess I should be glad you weren't Russians."

"Actually the Russians were spying on you too," the General added. "We figured if we let them think they were getting away with it then they would take your work seriously."

"Did they?" the President asked.

"Oh very much so," General Iverson answered. "Putin himself was on his way to board a plane to come meet you when Moscow disappeared. Now we don't know where he's at."

Suddenly everything started shaking. "It's happening again!" Dr Roberts shouted. Seconds later they were looking out of the windows of the Oval Office and gazing upon the city of Washington, DC.

"Is everything back to normal?" the President asked. "Please tell me everything is back to normal."

"Well almost," General Iverson explained as he talked with someone on his phone.

"What do you mean?' asked the President.

"Well," the General answered, "according to NASA, Washington, Moscow, Tokyo, Berlin, Beijing, London, Paris, and several other nations' capitols are now located on Mars."

"We're on Mars!" President Watson exclaimed.

"Guess there is a new world order," Dr Robertson laughed.