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Mad Dogs And Republicans

Watching the Republicans attack Cohen was like watching mad dogs lashing out at everything and nothing at the same time, all the while dying of the very disease they have spread amongst themselves bite by bloody bite.

The Job Of Government

The business of government is to provide  and care for infrastructure for all,  keeping in mind that people  are our most valuable infrastructure.

Resolution Is Up To The Winners

Is not caring and having surrendered one in the same? Those who perceive to have lost tend to hate forever even if they never act.

That One Time I Cheated

I was maybe twenty three. Maybe younger. I had not long left my first wife and had met and moved in with a beautiful, blond nineteen year old named Teri and her baby daughter, Kellie. I'm using their real names because they did nothing wrong and I wanted them to know-- a confession.

Truckstops were a lot different back in those days with lots of temptations that are mostly gone or at least harder to find these days. Besides the temptations you are no doubt thinking about almost every truckstop had a bar or club located right next door if not inside the truckstop itself. Most of them with plenty of alcohol, live music, and locals out for a night on the town.

You see, often these truckstops were the biggest employers in the small communities in which they were located as they were placed just outside of bigger cities were real estate was still cheap and access to the city was still within reason for truckers doing early morning deliveries.

As I ended up pulling into a truckstop just ou…

My Life On A Bumper Sticker

I wanted everything life could give me. Just not all at once.

Who Said They Were Fit To Lead Us?

Anyone pondered that blue collar, working class, rednecks are not the ones being accused of blackface? We learned to get along.

The Never Ending Sustainability

We pay half the people to kill the other half while killing half the people to pay the other half.

So it is, since Cain killed Able, humanity has waged war, profited, and sustained itself through never ending violence, predator vs predator, in the most unbelievable yet successful story of sustainability ever told.

And yet, despite thousands of years of recorded evidence to the contrary, some will still say war isn't sustainable.

I don't have to like the truth to share it.

If The North Had Built A Wall During The Great Depression

We Southerners would have starved if the Yankees had built a wall along the Mason-Dixon line during the Great Depression.

Just think of how many of our relatives black and white moved up north in search of jobs during the Great Depression. And yet Wall Street controlled our Southern economy even then. All the products and all the money that was made went up north just as all of Central America's assets all go to Wall Street today.

Southerners made and sold whiskey to make ends meet. Most of that whiskey was sold up north.

These days folks in Central America make and sell drugs.

Maybe if Wall Street didn't take everything else they have our neighbors to the south would quit making and selling drugs.

Maybe they'd stop coming here in search of jobs.

Groundhog Day

Poor Phil

On Groundhog Day they drag him out, interrupt his hibernation.
Rudely show him all about before entire nations.
Make a fuss, he has no clue why he is all a tether. Then shove him back into his hole and blame him for the weather.