Oct 26, 2018

Ralph's Banana Burritos

Melt butter in cast iron,
slice a banana in three,
place on a flatbread,
prepare for the glee.

Spoon on orange marmalade
and roll it on up,
toss in the skillet
and fry it enough.

Add some more marmalade
and give it a flip.
Now just let it caramelize
while you lick your lips.

Ralph was a friend of mine and a member of the Wild Salsa Gang in good standing. A Vietnam Veteran, Ralph was known for entertaining friends with anti-war songs, wild stories, and some of the best recipes you've ever tasted. This was one of Ralph's favorite treats to serve friends after the party was over and things had calmed down. Ralph's Banana Burritos were always great with a cup of hot coffee and friends.

Ralph is no longer with us so I made a poem of his recipe in his honor.