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The Good Book Said

Who knew when the good book said, "The meek shall inherit the Earth," it was actually referring to the dirt?


James was only 18 and had just begun riding prospect with the local MC when he crashed his Sporster into an outhouse during a drunken ride home from the clubhouse late one Saturday night. When one of the patch holders happened to come upon him just minutes later and called for the rest of the brothers to come help pull James and his Sporty out of the two holer there was no manure on his head. The rest of his body and his bike were covered but James' head was clean.

But despite having a clean head the patch holders immediately branded James with the name, Shithead.

Being a prospect is hard. Being a prospect named Shithead is even harder. But perhaps what made it hardest for him was the fact that Shithead... I mean, James, lived and worked in a small town where everyone quickly knew everything there was to know. In less that two weeks his boss and coworkers were calling him Shithead. And in less than six months his own mother was calling him Shithead. Occasionally even the pastor of…

Definition Of Welfare

A system by which taxpayer dollars are given to the rich under the guise of helping the poor.

How quickly we forget that what is seen as handouts to the poor are always based in corporate welfare.

Food Stamps

The Price Of Success

Most people have a price-- it's called family obligations. It can completely change one's morals and political point of view even if said person doesn't believe it. And in today's society the man who allows his family to live on less is branded the bigger coward than the man who stood up for what is morally right and just.

Where We Went Wrong

When you break a child's convictions you break the child... forever.

Opinion My Big Ol' Hairy Butt

Opinions only hold weight in the absence of facts.

That's why I prefer my stock 'n trade to be invested in known facts of known values rather than opinions with values that are subject to change like the winds.

Abandoned Harleys

I was on my way home to Oak Ridge from the Club House on 61 near Gibsonville one night when I happened upon a pearl white Flat Head Harley abandoned on the side of the road west of Reidsville about 4 in the morning.
I blew by it pretty fast and thought I was seeing things (you know how trips home from the club house could be) so I turned around and went back. Sure enough, there it was, looking like new, factory springer and all.
Then 2 very drunk bikers came crawling out of the ditch happy as hell to see me.
They had found the old bike in a tobacco barn, spent years restoring it, and had taken it for the first test ride. And were having such a great time they forgot to put gas in it.
We used one of their empty liquor bottles to get some gas out of my Superglide and get them going again.
Abandoned Harleys are rare.

Definition Of Pariah

One who was so smart that no one would listen, and thus became outcast.

The world needs more pariahs. Those who fit in are the ones who screw everything up.

The Lesser Of Two Evils Isn't

When you face two giant, man eating dragons it makes no difference if you battle the bigger or the smaller of the two first, you will still end up barbecued and eaten.

That's reality.
So don't allow either dragon entrance into your castle.

Things Aren't Always The Way You Were Taught

For example: In politics, blood isn't thicker than money-- never has been.