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How To Teach STEM Education

When I was six years old my Daddy bought me a used 20" boys' bicycle, one with the tanks on the top of the frame. It was red and I thought it the best bicycle in the world. But as bicycles are prone to do it wasn't long before I discovered the bane of bicycle ownership-- a flat rear tire.

I was certain I would need a new tire if not an entire bicycle but Daddy knew otherwise. You see, while Daddy wasn't much of a mechanic and didn't have bicycles as a child he did have bicycles while stationed in Germany, Japan, and Korea during his time in the United States Army and Army Air Corps. Daddy took me to Dockery Lumber Company on Huffine Mill Road and introduced me to Monkey Grip Tire Patches. Soon I was a 6 year old tire patching, bicycle flat fixing expert.

It wasn't long before I understood the mechanics of my bicycle inside and out.

That would be the last bicycle my parents would ever buy for me. By the time I was ready to move up to a larger bicycle I had disc…

What Is Really Important?

I value my friends despite their political views. And oh how we will argue...

What Is Wrong With Public-Private Partnerships?

Adding extra layers of management simply makes the ship top heavy and top heavy ships tip over in rough waters. The sailing isn't always smooth.

What Does It Take?

It takes blood to get the media and politicians to actually act on issues we all know need to be addressed-- usually lots of blood.

Some Stories Are Never Told

History In The Making

History is made today though we may not know it yet. We may not know the players or what it was they bet.
It may be that we never know, it's never in a book. But history is made today if you just know where to look.

Missing Fingers

You don't know how attached you are until they're gone.

A Victory Will Teach You Nothing

Losing battles is how one learns to wage war.

Love Me Some Fried Chitlins'

Where I last worked the state required that either my boss or I be on the property any time the business was open. That meant that if my boss was out of the office then I had to ask one of the guys who worked for me to pick up my lunch.
One day I sent this young black guy out and told him to bring back anything as long as it was a hot meal. In just a bit he came back and all the crew came inside for lunch.
I opened up the big Styrofoam container he handed me and started eating chitlins'. "God dammit!" the young man shouted as he stomped his feet, grabbed his drink and walked out of the room.
"What's wrong with him?" I asked as I really had no clue.
Laughing, the yard foreman, a black man I'd known since high school said, "He thought wouldn't no white people eat chitlins' so we all took bets and he lost."
"Not only that," another of the crew said, "he was planning on eating your lunch. That's why he only bought a drink.&qu…

Found Money

I was called to tow a car for the Greensboro Police Department for illegal parking on Tate Street one day. The car was in gear and the parking brake set so I had to unlock it using a Slim Jim. I unlocked the car and immediately found a brown paper bag with money falling out, sticking partially out from under the passenger seat. I jumped out and shouted to the cop to come look.

I ended up towing the car to impound. The police put the money in an evidence bag and hauled it to wherever they stash such things. To my knowledge, no one ever came to claim the car or the money. How much? I don't know but every time a cop came to look at it he called for someone with more stripes to come look at it too. Like myself, none of them dared to reach into the bag to count it.

Senior Citizens Discounts

Are only available on things that will make you die sooner, or remove very large parts of your retirement income from your bank account. You know, fatty foods, alcohol, expensive trips, drugs, expensive clothing...

Definition Of Free Market Capitalism

Unfettered Free Market Capitalism is Anarchy. It's like any other sport when the rules are taken away-- the players will cheat and only the cheaters will win. The longer the players remain in the game the more the players will cheat. Eventually only the cheaters remain, forced to feed upon themselves.

Why We Have Poverty

Poverty doesn't just happen, poverty is created by those who profit from poverty.

Commitment Issues

I never got a tattoo because I have issues with commitment. I feared I'd be committed for what I expressed.

The Myth Of Stranded Assets

The 1% used to trade in Bat Guano, Whale fat, and Peat. They made the transition to oil just fine. It isn't them who will suffer the economic losses caused by the change to greener technologies. They will not suffer when their so called "stranded assets" are left in the ground. But just as before the working classes will suffer the losses.

The Secret To Living Off The Grid

Reality is, only the destitute and the rich can live off the grid. The rest of us are slaves to the grid.

Definition Of State Of Limbo

A place that cannot be found.

Example: "I've lived in Limbo all my life and still can't find it on the map."


He was wealthy but retired and physically fit with time on his hands so he decided to start doing his own mowing after 50 plus years of paying others to do so. He bought a new lawn tractor as he had grown up farming and knew these things. He was also a licensed pilot.

But he suffered from Alzheimers.

Each morning he would walk out and survey the tall grass in his yard, get the mower out and mow the yard. And the next morning he would repeat the process, day after day for weeks on end never realizing he had failed to lower the mower deck.

Finally my aunt called my Daddy and told him where to find the key to the shed while she took my uncle out for a few hours.

This process would have to be repeated every week or so in order to make my uncle think he was mowing the yard.

Who Is The Enemy Of The People?

There used to be laws about fair and honest journalism. I've seen nothing from either political party that expresses any desire to return to any sort of a system that favors honest reporting or even requires separation of pundits from news media.

 Nor have I seen the media asking that such rules be brought back.

Might the enemy be all three?

Two Eagles Talking

"Have you ever wanted to fly away somewhere?"    

"Sure, I fly away all the time."

"But you always fly back home."

"Why wouldn't I fly back home?"

"You know, to get away from all the humans and their nonsense."

"Why would I want to do that?"

"I donno, 'cause you get tired of hearing them complain all the time?"

"Let me ask you a question."

"Sure, squawk away."

"Who would we make fun of if not for humans?"

"I'll have to get back to you on that one."

"Don't fly too far. I wouldn't want you to get lost."

Photo via the Raptor Education Group.

Get the best of Two Eagles Talking, lost birds and all, right here at You know, at least until the people are all gone.

Getting More People Involved In Politics

Would not those same uninformed, ill-informed, and often incapable of being informed people not also enable the worst among us to become more powerful were they to become involved in politics?

In other words, aren't those the ones the tyrants would most like to see involved?

Just When You Thought It Was Safe Outside

Bug Bites

Immune to distemper,  he sought to remember diseases he'd long since forgot; for most disease comes  not in very large drums, but in bites and very small lots.