Jul 14, 2018

Time To Fix The System

They say the American political system is broken. Only a fool would disagree. They like to blame the problem on low voter turnout.

I tend to think that voting is how we got here. The people who didn't vote didn't put anyone in office. The people who did vote put the wrong people in office. How can you blame decisions made by voters on none voters? That would be like blaming your dog.

The willingness of voters to vote for candidates who do not meet the measure of what a candidate should be is the problem, Period, End of Story. Neither Clinton nor Trump met the measure of what was needed and yet they were the only choices the Partys gave us.

You can't blame that on those who stayed home.

Irresponsible? Hardly. But it is certainly a sign that the machine is broken.

And if you continue to operate any machine after it is broken you only do more damage to the machine.

Time to stop voting, shut down the machine and fix it.

Or you can wait until the machine is beyond repair.