Jul 20, 2018


When my son was growing up I took him to spend the day with a couple of my friends who had sons the same age. One of my friends had a huge 4 wheel ATV that he used for hunting. My son and his son were experienced riders but the 3rd boy wasn't.

When the 3rd boy got on the ATV he kept stalling it out when trying to take off. Everyone was having a good time except for him. We kept telling him to give it more gas, not to worry, that he couldn't break the machine.

So taking us at our word he cranked the throttle wide open and dumped the clutch causing the ATV to wheel stand all the way across the yard and into the next door neighbor's brand new chain link fence that had been put up the day before.

100' of fence laid over flat on the ground and 3 very embarrassed dads standing there looking at it.

The boy was fine. We all made it clear it wasn't his fault, that we had been bad teachers. Then we split the repairs equally between the 3 of us.