Jul 8, 2018

On Smoking Pot

I don't miss smoking pot as much as I miss the sorry losers I smoked pot with. Great folk, all of them.

For me it was a social activity, a way to open up and be with other people in ways my normally inhibited and withdrawn personality never allowed me to do. Smoking pot didn't change who I was but it did change the way I interacted with other people.

For starters, you had to trust someone you smoked pot with. At least those of us with street smarts knew we'd better be able to trust the people we smoked pot with as not only were there concerns about getting busted but you were also your most vulnerable when stoned.

I never liked smoking pot alone. Doing so always made me paranoid. But as long as someone was around to share the experience it was great.

For that was the culture of pot smoking back in my day. Pot was cheap and plentiful then. Anyone who had pot would share their pot. It was the sharing that brought is together, created the bonds, and built relationships that lasted lifetimes.

So for those of you who I smoked pot with back in the day, remember I still love you all.

And that part about sorry losers? You know I'm just kidding.