Jun 21, 2018

The New Americans

As infants they were separated from their parents. At first they were the children of illegal immigrants, Hispanics mostly, caught crossing the border from Mexico, thousands of them rounded up and presumed lost in an overloaded child care system that was unable to keep up with their whereabouts or the whereabouts of their parents who awaited their return just across the border in Mexico.

Later, after the border wall was built, the smoke blew over, and things calmed down more would trickle in, victims of hurricanes, tornadoes, and other disasters both natural and man made. These children were of every race with most of them being from poor families.

Eventually all abortions were declared illegal as the courts ruled that an embryo was alive from the moment of conception. The morning after pill was permanently banned, most insurance policies no longer covered birth control, and the cost of birth control-- even condoms-- rose so high that only the rich could afford to buy them. To prevent dangerous back alley abortions the government funded a program that would house and care for every unwanted child, no questions asked.

Newborn babies flooded the government by the thousands every year.

Foster homes were gradually phased out except for the older children who were orphaned. Any child believed too young to remember his or her parents would remain in government custody until adulthood. Adoptions of newborn babies were no longer allowed as there were more than enough older children in need of homes.

Sometimes newborns were simply stolen from hospitals and transferred into government care administered by employees of private corporations as the completion to Fascism continued. Everyone always just doing their jobs.

Babies were taken from anyone who committed any sort of a crime. Even a speeding ticket with a child in the car was considered child endangerment and reason enough to remove a baby from its parents. Any excuse that could be used to place a child in government custody would be used.

To ensure the quality of the stock of the babies they were raising, a breeding program was established. Young men and women of child bearing age could be well paid to produce babies for the government provided these young men and women tested well in an exhaustive battery of mental and physical tests only a few could master.

It took 25 years for the first class to graduate. They were physically healthy, well educated, well trained, knew how to do their jobs, followed orders well, successful, and voted for who they were told to vote for.

They were, the new Americans.