Jun 23, 2018

Blind Drivers Renew Licenses In North Carolina

Raleigh, NC, Blind drivers in North Carolina have managed to see a loophole in the State's drivers license renewal system that allows many of them to renew their drivers license using the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicle's online driver's renewal system.

As seen in the photo taken from the NCDMV website, drivers seeking to renew their drivers licenses are asked an "Eyesight Statement" that reads, "No changes in vision have occurred in the last 6 months that may impair my ability to safely operate a motor vehicle." but nowhere in the online process are they asked to verify if they are actually sighted.

As North Carolina drivers licenses are issued for eight year periods this allows seven and one half years for drivers to go blind and not report their blindness to the NCDMV before renewing their Licenses online.

It is not known how many blind drivers have renewed their licenses via the online system or how many blind drivers might be operating automobiles and heavy trucks on North Carolina highways.

Wackemall Network News staff attempted to contact the NCDMV concerning this issue but as it is a Saturday our calls went unanswered.