May 19, 2018

The Pink Panther Rides Again

When my son was about 3 years old his favorite cartoon character, and mine too, was the Pink Panther. When in Texas I found a t-shirt with a picture of the Pink Panther riding an armadillo so I brought one home for him.

The shirt, not the armadillo.

Living in North Carolina, and being only 3, Jason had never seen nor heard of an armadillo but he knew what possums were so he immediately thought the Pink Panther was riding a possum. He thought it hilarious.

This led to me finding the World Book Encyclopedia and finding him a picture of an armadillo as well as showing him Texas on the map.

He wore that shirt for about 3 years until it was completely ragged and he has so outgrown it that he could no longer pull it over his head and shoulders. Then he insisted it be hung on his wall until finally his mother had all she could take.