May 3, 2018


"What is this place?" she asked. "And why is my head hurting?"

"I hope it isn't hurting a lot," the gentleman in the black suit and sneakers replied. "Welcome to Eternity."

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Just what I said," he answered. "You've left your Earthly existence and now reside in Eternity."

"Oh God," she exclaimed, "but it's so dark. Is this Hell?"

"It is what it is," he answered, "Hell for some, Heaven for others. And for most something in between."

"But I don't understand," she asked, "why is my head hurting?"

"Because that's what you were doing when you crossed over," he explained. "And that's what you'll do for eternity."

"I'm going to have a headache forever?" she asked.

"I hope it isn't too bad," he answered. "Forever is a long time."

"Not real bad," she said.

"Good," he continued, "We can talk while we walk. Another newby will come along any minute now and I'll have to devote all my time to him or her."

"So this is all you do?" she asked.

"That's right," he answered. "I was leading a one on one tour the moment I died and now I'm spending eternity leading newbys on one on one tours of Eternity."

"What kind of tours were you leading before?" she asked.

"No one remembers what they were before," he answered. "None of that is relevant here."

"Are those people stuck in traffic?" she asked, pointing to a distant freeway where thousands of cars and trucks stood still.

"They sure are," he answered, "and that's where they'll be for eternity.

"Did you give them the tour?"

"There was no need," he answered, "they didn't even know they passed just like the thousands speeding down that other highway over there. The just keep on going and going and going."

"Like the Eveready Bunny," she smiled.

"He's around here somewhere," he laughed.

"He died too?"

"Well they did make several versions of the bunny," he replied. "Everything goes to eternity eventually."

"Oh my God!" she shouted, "Those men are gang raping that poor woman over there!"

"Yes they are," he replied calmly. "Just keep walking."

"But aren't you going to do something?" she screamed. "You've got to help her!"

"There's nothing that can be done," he answered. "That's what they were doing when they passed. That's what they'll do for eternity. Now move along."

"But she must be in Hell!" the woman screamed.

"No," he refuted, "she's here in Eternity with us but I'm sure it feels like Hell."

"But what could she have done for God to let her go through that?" she asked.

"God had nothing to do with it," he answered. "But the men raping her think they're in Heaven just like that man drinking coffee over there."

"Then it was the work of the Devil?" she cried.

"No," he answered, "Satan has nothing to do with this place."

"Then who does?" she asked. "Who is responsible for this?"

"You are," he answered.

"I did this?" she questioned. "But how..."

"We all did this," he interrupted. "Eternity is the result of the power of the collective conscious of everyone who has ever lived. Our every act, our every deed, every emotion, thought, and opinion create the power that brings Eternity to life. And there's nothing we can do to change it."

"But why?" she asked.

"Because Eternity is what we make of it," he answered. "And we make it before we come here."