May 31, 2018

Are Your Eyes Too Big For Your Refrigerator?

You come in from the grocery store only to discover that you can't make all your perishables fit in the 'fridge. Once again, your eyes were too big for your refrigerator. That's not really a problem. It is in-fact, what is known as a solution looking for a problem, and the sort of solution millions of less fortunate people around the world can only dream of having.

You think you need a bigger 'fridge. Those who sell groceries, refrigerators and the advertising companies they hire want you to believe you need a bigger 'fridge. But in reality you probably could have done with fewer groceries. After all, the average American throws away 25% of the food they buy.

Then when you get that bigger 'fridge you just end up with more stuff lost in the back turning into lovely refrigerator experiments. Not to mention the electric bill.

So ask yourself, do you need a bigger 'fridge or is it simply that your eyes are too big for your refrigerator?