Apr 11, 2018

The Truth! You Can't Handle The Truth!

For over 100 years a war has raged that few ever knew existed. Millions have died and billions suffer its tragic results-- some without even knowing. Disease and malnutrition haunt even the free world as a result of this epic event. And yet the media remains silent for fear the rulers will take them down should they speak of it.

Fast Food Kidnapping

The Hamburgular raised the window
for Ronald to climb in.
Wendy was in the shower
washing off wages of sin.
They stuffed her mouth with burger wraps,
bound her hands with onion rings.
Her fries never knew they had taken her...

What's this? Wendy kidnapped, bound and stuffed by a creepy red headed clown and a professional hamburgular-- what for? Could it be Ronald plans to use her as a pawn in the Fast Food War in his plot to lay waste to the Burger King once and for all? Or is the clown really just another sick pervert? And why is it the main stream media refuses to cover the war that's going on right in front of our taste buds? Stay tuned to Wackemall Network News for... Ouch! That hurts! Hey, you can do that! We're the media! Haven't you ever heard of First Amendment? Ouch! I guess they haven't!