Apr 1, 2018

Mustard Gas Or Just More Yellow Shit?

As the Fast Food War rages on, ever more violent and deadly than before, we hear rumors that mustard, microwaves and other weapons of mass distraction are set to be employed.

Attack Of The Quiznos

Rib dips lined the battlefields
wielding baguettes as batons.
From submarines, they'd fired
torpedoes, tasty bullets and Cuban bombs.
An ultimate club was loaded,
ready, set to fire
on the soft and toasty flatbreads
with whom they'd once conspired.

And somewhere, a classic Italian weeps...

Seriously, I know most think this absurd and my quickly depleting readership is proving that to be true, but hey, I like doing it anyway. Besides, someday, after I'm dead and gone, some fool who wouldn't know creativity if it bit him will declare me a creative genius and the masses will come running to read what is already gone. And that's the news for today!