Apr 25, 2018

In The Beginning, God Created The Parking Meter

A novel written in verse by Billy Jones.

Parking Meters Rule!

In OK City, the year '35
the first of our kind
stood upright, alive.
From there we spread
to where flags, they unfurl
and before you know it
we'll rule the world!

Today's Poem A La Parking Meter has been made possible by... Who am I kidding? I'm just an old man biding my time, entertaining myself, waiting for a check to finally come... someday, maybe, while struggling to survive the boredom that is life. No one is going to pay to sponsor this insanity.

And so begins at last, the story that is Parking Meter Poetry, hundreds of pages of which I've lost count. The story of how the lowly parking meter came to rise and fall, a roller coaster of bad drivers and worse parking, discrimination, and deceit never reported by the main stream media and only occasionally reported by the little known, agenda driven Wackemall Network News.

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