Apr 10, 2018

Free, Must Take All

So you've got some garbage you want to get rid of. Most of it isn't worth anything but you're too cheap to pay someone too haul it away and too lazy to haul it away yourself. So what do you do? You post an ad to Craigslist saying, "Free, Must Take All."

And no one comes to get it.

Sure, there was some scrap metal there but the price of scrap metal is so low it is hardly worth hauling. If the scrap peddler has to pay to get rid of the rest of your trash then he loses money.

So you've got some good firewood there. No tree service is going to do for free what they get paid to do. It's just not smart business. And most people don't have the means to load heavy logs or giant chunks of wood weighing hundreds of pounds each.

Sure, you're doing some folks a favor by posting this stuff to the Internet but who is really getting the most out of it? Have you checked to see what it cost to have these things hauled away from your property? Of course you have, that's why you want someone to do it for free. But you believe your time is too important to have to deal with more than one person.

So it is, you expect free labor, other people to come to you and burn their gas, bear all the expense because you are simply too lazy to have to deal with more than one person. Too often the cost of getting rid of the garbage exceeds the value of the items that were needed. That wasn't why the free stuff section of Craigslist was created.

And you wonder why no one comes to get it while posting the same ad to Craigslist month after month.