Mar 8, 2018

The Fight Of The Century

Cage Match

"Call Big Mac!" Whopper, he shouted,
"I'm tired of singing, I'm callin' him out.
I'm a two fisted burger-- takes two hands for me.
Put Mac in the ring and then you will see."

Big Mac, he arrived accepting his fate;
no quarter pounder, Mac had lost weight.
Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles...
Please, we've heard it all before....

There was nowhere for Big Mac to hide or to run
locked in a cage surrounded by buns.

When the bell, it rang, Whopper came out swinging,
but Mac hit hard. No Mac wasn't singing.
A blow to the lettuce caught Whopper off guard,
but Whopper got up, came back really hard.

Pickles were flying, special sauce on the floor,
ketchup was flowing out all of the doors.
But Big Mac kept swinging and Whopper did too,
'til patties were all that was left of the two.

There's the beef!

This has been a presentation of Wackemall Network News and Fast Food Sports, brought to you by Cholesterol. Remember: when blocking major arteries becomes a priority, all you need do is add more Cholesterol until everything comes to a halt. No protestors necessary.