Mar 27, 2018

So Which Army Are We Fighting?

This is Wackemall Network News bringing you the most recent coverage of the Fast Food War from deep inside a restaurant near you.

Drive-thru Horses

Arby, he was working late
when the King, he came to call.
Jalapenos danced about the room
never dreaming of a fall.

Angus watched from in the back
as Ruben tried to sing
with potato bites all loaded,
aimed to hit the King.

The curly fries, they sprung to fight,
commanding a turnover.
"Where's Roy and Dale?" the King, just laughed,
"The battle isn't over!"

As Arby rode away
on a stolen horse named, Trigger.

And there you have it folks, the latest live coverage from journalists embedded deep within the troops fighting the Fast Food War. If only I could figure out which side we're on.