Mar 7, 2018

Meters Claim Ethnic Cleansing, Demand Investigation

Linking A Dying Breed

In DC, they plan to cut our rates
They're claiming it's a deal
but you know you must pay the price
for sitting 'neath the wheel.
In Chicago, we've been privitized
but no one asked us how we feel,
sold like a commodity
or something else to steal.

At Streetline, we're replaced with aps
to put us out of work.
In New York they have raised our rates
but our raise, they will shirk.
They claim we're just not good enough.
They blog... protest and stutter.
And as if their insults weren't enough,
people call us clutter.

Yes, it's old news but we here at Wackemall Network News reported it when no one else would., your only reliable source for Parking Meter News.