Mar 30, 2018

How To Cook Snapping Turtle

Years ago when doing utility construction in Ottawa, Illinois, the guys working for me scooped up a snapper with 3 shovels and tossed it into the tool box on the side of our truck with plans to cook it for dinner that night.

When we pulled back into the yard that evening one of the other supervisors and his crew came rushing over to us accusing us of stealing their tools. They started searching our truck. I tried to warn him about the snapper but he was too busy cursing me to listen and yanked the tool box door open.

Who knew that hot, angry snapping turtles could jump so high?

Just in time to prevent the impending brawl our boss came driving up, having found the other crew's tools lying on the ground where they had worked the day before.

Best snapper I ever ate.