Feb 12, 2018

Bread Ties, Part 2: Gaslighting

Previously Unfinished

 "I think he's gaslighting me," she said to her therapist.

"Why do you think he would gaslight you?" her therapist asked.

"He wants to get rid of me," she answered.

"Why would he want to get rid of you?"

"To get a younger woman," she answered. "I see him looking when we go out."

"Just because he looks doesn't mean he's planning something," her therapist replied. "Lots of men look but never touch."

"I don't know," she said.

"Wouldn't he just ask you for a divorce?" her therapist asked.

"We signed a rock solid prenuptial contract," she answered, "I'd get everything he has and everything he is ever going to have."

"So you think he's trying to push you into suicide or something to get rid of you?" her therapist searched for clarification.

"That's exactly what I think."

"By leaving bread ties on the floor?" her therapist exclaimed.

"What else could it be?" she asked. "No one has been to the grocery store or bakery for months. All we do is eat out. There's no bread in our house and yet every day I sweep up five or six bread ties and put them in the trash."

"Okay," her therapist suggested, "here's what you do. Start collecting all the bread ties you sweep up and put them in a big jar, and screw the top on."

"What good will that do?" she asked.

"If what you think is happening you're going to need evidence," the therapist replied. "Hide the jar somewhere no one will ever find it and keep collecting them until I tell you to bring them to me."

"Okay," she smiled her first real smile in weeks, "I see where you're going with this. I'll do it."

And so she began collecting five or six bread ties from the floor of her home every day. On some days there were even more. She made it a point to no longer mention it to her husband and try to act as if it wasn't happening, all the while, placing the multi-colored bread ties in the big jar and hiding them away.

One night she awoke with a scream. "What's wrong?" he asked, turning on the light.

"I felt something crawling up my leg," she trembled as she threw back the covers only to discover a bread tie lying where she had been on the bed. "Trying to step it up a notch?" she asked.

"What are you talking about?" he asked.

"You know what I'm talking about," she complained. "I certainly didn't put that bread tie on the bed."

"It probably got caught in your gown as you walked to the kitchen and back to get a drink of water," he explained. "Why would I put it in the bed?"

"To make me think I'm crazy!" she shouted as she ran from the bedroom holding back the tears.

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