Feb 23, 2018

Chemical Weapons In Fast Food?

Embedded behind enemy lines, Wackemall Network News journalist Ched R Bite is reporting on a secret plot to deploy chemical weapons against the King's men as the Fast Food War continues to disrupt our senses.

Pepper Jack Takes A Dive

PieWorks said, "We're not fast food,
we're pizza by design."
"With designs on everything I've got!"
the King was not so kind.
"I'm thinking that it's time for you
to make like shrimp and swim
before I feed you to the alligators
and toss ol' Pepper Jack in."

But PieWorks still had the Blister Sauce
and the King feared he would use it.

Yes Folks, that's right, as crayfish scurry beneath the King's feet, another chain is swung in anger and the Fast Food Wars continue unabated, now with chemical weapons the likes of which fries and fast food warriors have never seen.

Stay tuned to Wackemall Network News exclusive coverage of the Fast Food Wars where next time we hear Wendy say, "Wow, that Blister Sauce adds new meaning to hot and juicy!"