Jan 20, 2018

Throwing Fast Food Under The Bus

 Undisclosed Location-- Embedded deep behind enemy lines risking heart attack, strokes and heart burn with every bite, Wackemall Network News special corespondent, Tuna F Taco brings us the latest reports.

Sparklers Lite The Drive-thru

South of the border, in a pizza hut,
Pacific Shrimp, they ride burritos.
Gordito, drunk on mountain dew,
gorging one half pound potatoes.
Fruistas, they dance down the street
as chalupas watch nearby
never knowing of the King
and his plans for them to die.

And the clown laughs," Guess it's just you and me now."

Wow, can you believe it? To date there have been over 9000 battles fought in the Fast Food War and you're still yet hear to read about them in the lame stream media. What are you complaining about? I'm the one who had to eat that stuff.