Jan 23, 2018

Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle Cleaning Kit

Yesterday I told you about the Howitzer I wanted to trade. Well today I traded it for this cool pistol, shotgun and rifle cleaning kit and now I'm looking to trade brushes, swabs, t-handles, extension rods, case, the whole kit and caboodle including the hard case for something cool, unusual, unique, valuable, or something else I've no need for.

Don't bother trying to trade me a can filled with air as I've already got one of those and would like to trade it for something else just as wackemall.

The pistol, shotgun and rifle cleaning kit is slightly used, is missing one brush, and I doubt there is any oil left in the tube as there is no cap on the end. Besides, I don't think the oil actually came with the kit. The case isn't perfect but the hinges and latches work perfectly and it should last for many years.

Interested? E-mail me at RecycleBill@gmail.com

No, I'll not pay any shipping charges-- local pick-up only, in and around Greensboro, NC. Ironing board not included.