Jan 22, 2018

Howitzer For Trade?

No, there's not really a Howitzer in the box nor do
I have a Howitzer, but I think the box once contained ammunition for a Howitzer. It's hard to read but it says Howitzer on the box and the word "explosive" is on the top.

I bought the box at the Army-Navy Surplus Store on what was then West Lee Street in Greensboro, North Carolina over 30 years ago to store some valuables in. I packed it all away and only removed the valuables a few days ago.

Now I no longer need the box.

So I decided I'll barter it away for something cool, odd, valuable, or just something I don't have. If nobody wants it then I guess it will become firewood.

No, I'm not paying shipping and the table, yardstick, and neighbor's property are not included.

Sorry, too late, I already traded for this cool Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle Cleaning Kit