Dec 12, 2017

You Get What You Deserve

The End

A tattered alliance gathered about.
"Give us our freedom!" we all heard them shout.
They all stood behind a man brave and strong,
who they knew would not leave them, not do them wrong.
But off in the distance, a bird, it did sing
of wealth, and money, and shiny new things;
so off they all went to leave him to fight,
alone the battles, they feared in the night.

But the bird, they'd not capture, it flew far too fast.
Each time they drew near it would fly from their grasp.
They cried to their hero, "Come help catch this bird!"
But he only stared, not hearing a word.
When finally they caught it, no treasures it had.
Their hearts were all broken, lost and cold, they were sad.
They cried to their hero but he was long gone,
died in the battles left to fight alone.