Dec 1, 2017

The Death Of A Good Dog

Greensboro, NC-- Greensboro Police reported today they are looking into the disappearance and possible murder of Sally's dog.

 So Long Sweet Sally

Sally screamed, "My hotdogs' gone!
The clown, he surely took it.
Someone call Mayor McCheese!
Someone call the King.
Tell them, get my hotdogs back
or Sally's gonna sing.
Tell Tim Horton, straight away.
I know he'll take my side.
He's hiding in White Castle
waiting for a ride."
But no one heard sweet Sally's calls
for they had all be fried
so like her friend, Biff Burger,
Sally slowly died.

An early chapter in the Fast Food Wars recorded here for prosperity... or something like that. Click Fast Food Wars to read the entire saga.