Dec 13, 2017

Fast Food Love Affairs Gone Wrong

Queen Of Hearts

The Dairy Queen was jilted,
her crown jewels laid to waste.
The Burger King had took it all
saying he wanted but a taste.
She's met him at a Dilly Bar,
her frozen heart, he'd melt.
When he filled her with his Buster Bar.
Her hand, it had been dealt.

'Twas when she learned of Wendy
and the wild nights they had known.
How Wendy did just what he liked
and licked his waffle cone.
With tear filled eyes she cursed him
and plotted her revenge;
she'd bind his hands with onion rings
dump him out at Dick's Drive-in.

Remember, all is fair in love and fast food wars. Tune in next time when we hear Ronald say, "Two all beef patties, special sauce, special sauce, special sauce, special..." Well, you know...