Nov 3, 2017

The Last Mermaid

Julia could have been born a dinosaur, perhaps a tyrannosaurus rex sometime during the  Cretaceous Period, some 68 to 66 million years ago but Julia wasn't a dinosaur. Julia could have been born a mermaid sometime in the 1500s, discovered by Spanish or English sailors sailing to the New World, but in the 1500s Julia was yet to be. Instead, Julia was born a modern day mermaid in the 21st century.

Being as it had been over 300 years since the last time a mermaid had been born, things had changed rather significantly for mermaids and sailors. You see, back in the days of wooden sailing ships, the ships weren't really all that big nor were they all that fast. Sailors could easily spot a beautiful mermaid as she rose to the top of the water to capture the attentions of handsome young sailors.

But in the 21st Century ships are much bigger and so much faster. Why from the deck of most merchant ships it is so far down to the water that a mermaid hardly looks any bigger than a tiny shrimp. And ships cross the oceans so fast these days mermaids must steer clear of their wakes. "How in blazes will I ever pick up a good looking sailor when the ship's wake makes my hair look like a shipwreck?" Julia would have been heard to shout if anyone on the passing ships could have heard her over the roar of the mighty diesel engines.

So Julia waited, fearing that prolonged exposure to salt water, wind, and sun would destroy her good looks, soft skin, and beautiful complexion before the first young sailor ever laid eyes on her, thus never allowing her the chance to fall in love, marry, walk on land, and raise children of her own happily ever after like storybook mermaids are said to do. Sadly, if Julia's bloodline could not be continued, there might not be another mermaid in 300 years or so and Julia might be the last mermaid ever.

And don't forget the pain of being hit in the head when old barnacles become dislodged from the ship's hull at high speed. "Ouch, that's going to leave a scar!"


Far away in Guilty County, North Carolina... er, I mean Guilford County, North Carolina, near the eastern edge of Gravesboro... er Greensboro was Spring Fed Farm, a small farm where Farmer Nick grew fresh fruits and vegetables to sell the the poor people of East Gravesboro. Excuse me, Greensboro. Seems I've been hanging with the locals a lot lately.

The people of East Greensboro loved shopping at Farmer Nick's farm because his produce was always fresh and reasonably priced. And they loved the fact that they could allow their children to play on the farm with Nick's children while they shopped. As long as everyone stayed clear of the bull it was safe to play anywhere on the farm.

Nick's wife had died several years before leaving Nick with 5 children to raise. Then over the course of the next couple of years 5 lost children came wandering in, so when no one came looking for them Nick decided to just let them stay, do chores, play, and live just like his children lived. When the house became too crowded the whole bunch moved out into the barn.

Yes, life was hard without a mother around but the older children helped out the best they could, spending their days farming, doing their chores, selling produce, going to school, playing, and looking out for each other.

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