Nov 9, 2017

The Last Mermaid: Page 4

A continuation of The Last Mermaid

On Spring Fed Farm in Guilty County, North Carolina, the children worried what would happen if Farmer Nick lost the farm or if the farm was annexed by the City of Gravesboro and taken by public domain. Nick had tried to keep it a secret by no longer subscribing to the local News & Fishwrap but the children had read about it on the Internet. They had also read of changes in North Carolina state law that prohibit judges from waving fees against poor people, thereby creating debtors prisons one again. The thought that Farmer Nick might end up in a North Carolina prison simply because he had no money frightened them all to no end.

Of course, Nick, always thinking of others and never concerned with his own fate, worried about what might happen to the children. Would the family be split apart, never to see one another again? Would the children end up in foster homes only to be kicked out to live on the streets on their eighteenth birthdays? And what about all the Guilty County and Gravesboro families that depended on Spring Fed Farm for low cost, fresh, safe, organically grown, local foods-- what would they do when the community reverted back into a food desert like it had been so many years before?

Dark clouds were gathering to the east.


While sleeping aboard the yacht, Julia dreamed of ships full of hansom young sailors from which to chose to spend the rest of her life with just as mermaids always do. Her biological clock was wound tight and she wanted to be surrounded with happy children knowing that one day one of her descendants would be born a mermaid to a human mother.

In her dreams she could remember when her mother had released her to the seas as just a small fry, knowing that mermaid babies had to grow up on their own. Julia had never known another mermaid and the only human she could remember was her mother who she could only remember in her dreams.

And yet everything a baby mermaid ever needed to know to survive and everything she would ever need to know to continue to propagate her species was locked in her DNA. Everything that is, except the technology that had allowed ships to become so much bigger and faster since the birth of the last mermaid hundreds of years before.

As Julia lay sleeping something began to rock the ship. Gently at first but eventually so hard that Julia was awaken. "What's all this shaking around?" Julia shouted. "It's making me sick on my stomach. Who ever heard of a mermaid getting seasick? I've got to put a stop to this!"

When Julia went on deck she immediately saw the cause of the problem. A giant storm was brewing, giant waves were crashing across the yacht. Mermaids never worry about storms because like most ocean dwellers, mermaids only need dive to deep water and wait for the storm to pass, but Julia had other concerns. "Oh no!" Julia screamed, "the ship will be sunk and the sailors will have nothing to return to. How will I ever find them if they've no ship to return to?"

Julia located the bilge pumps and turned them all on but the ship was taking on water faster than the pumps could pump it out. She tried helping by using a bucket but that wasn't enough either. Finally Julia realized that the only way she could save the beautiful yacht was by starting the engines and piloting it away from the storm as quickly as possible.

But Julia knew nothing about piloting ships. Julia had never even paddled a row boat.

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