Nov 13, 2017

Some Of Us Simply Haven't The Patience

My second wife and I worked as a husband and wife truck driving team for a short while. One night in Gilroy, California, after driving 10 hours plus spending 4 hours unloading the truck I gave her directions, "Turn right and the end of the driveway and follow that road to the Interstate. Then go south. I'll wake up before you get to San Diego."

I woke up 8 hours later only to discover we were still in Gilroy, just a couple of miles from where she started driving. "What happened?" I asked. "Why are we still in Gilroy?"

"I've been driving all night," she answered "I got lost."

"Did you know you were lost?" I asked.

"Yes," she answered.

"So why didn't you wake me?" I asked.

"Because I was scared you'd be mad," she answered.

"Not nearly as mad as I am now," I grumbled.

But I didn't raise my voice, I made no threats, I simply gave her the correct directions and allowed her to drive her final 2 hours of her shift.

But when we got back to Greensboro, North Carolina I decided I would no longer be a part of a husband and wife truck driving team.