Nov 22, 2017

Invasion Of The Fast Food Nation

There's a threat out there, bigger than anything you know, more dangerous than you can imagine and known only to those who choke on it.

In other words, it's already too late to care and too late to cry, too late to run and past time to fry.

 Hangin’ With Ronald

I think I’ll go hang out with Ronald,
eat burgers, and have a good time:
watch the kids grow an inch
as we sit in the bench
tellin’ stories in riddle and rhyme.

I think I’ll go hang out with Ronald--
maybe, we both can be clowns.
I’ll get some clown paint,
pretend we’re not what we ain’t
as we watch all the people come ‘round.

Perhaps I’ll convince the Hamburglar
that I, am really just small.
I’m less than four feet
when I don’t use my feet,
and together we’ll have us a ball!

I think I’ll go hang out with Ronald,
eatin’ fries as we sit at our seats,
watch all the kids play
havin’ fun every day.
It’s a good time that just can’t be beat!

Wow! I hope all of you enjoyed this quick trip to McDonald’s Playland. Remember: “You deserve a break today.”

Disclaimer: Ronald McDonald, McDonald’s Playland, and the Hamburglar are Trademarks of the McDonald’s Corporation. McDonald’s is not affiliated with, does not own, nor does McDonald's endorse or currently sponsor the Fast Food Wars. But that proud American company, Wackemall Products, does sponsor the Fast Food Wars.

This, my friends, is the poem that started Fast Food Poetry, the story of the Fast Food Wars over 20 years ago while watching the children play in an undisclosed Playland somewhere along a highway here in the American Southland. And still the war continues today.