Nov 11, 2017

Fast Food Gets Down And Dirty

Undisclosed Location-- Somewhere deep behind enemy lines, Wackemall Network News corespondent, Burger N Fries uncovers the addictive fast food porn being used to fund the fast food wars.

Fast Food Cravings

Cherry Limeade walked the street
to try and ply the King.
Cinnamon Twist hated her
and plotted her defeat.

Big Box Meal and Quad Steak
dreamed of eating her taco.
Cinnamon Twist, in a jealous rage,
said, "Cherry has to go!"

She called around to the red head clown
and cut with him a deal,
said, "Buy Miss Limeade off my hands
and I will never squeal."

And Ronald whispered, "Sometimes I crave myself... Is that so wrong?"

With that, Fast Food Delights, The Story of the Fast Food Wars continues to play out behind the scenes of big juicy burgers, melted cheese, crunchy tortilla chips, salty fries, MSG and club sandwiches.

Leaving us to wonder just what was Burger N Fries doing under the covers in the first place, and why won't he disclose his location?