Sep 5, 2017

When Burgers Attack

Undisclosed Location-- In a police state even reporters reporting on the Fast Food Wars, place their lives at risk when dealing with the actions of out of control police. Wackemall News Network journalist Burger N Fries barely escaped his latest assignment.

Mistaken Identifry

Angry Whopper stood outside the door
where Soft Taco lay bleeding.
Salsa covered the floor...
Gordida stood crying, "He's dying, you see?"
Angry Whopper just laughed,
"Dude, don't look at me."

And the fries, they came running,
"Let's drag someone in
and teach him a lesson
to pay for this sin."
So they grabbed Gordida,
"Haul this one away.
May he never know freedom
or see light of day."

And so the fast food wars continue just as they have done for over 70 years-- no winners, only losers and a red headed clown at the top. That's right, I failed to pack my own lunch yesterday. Maybe someday I'll pen stories about peanut butter sandwiches. Maybe I already have?