Sep 30, 2017

The 100 Year War The Media Forgot

Today Wackemall Network News journalist,  Biff Burger, brings us a story the liberal main stream media has been covering up for the last 100 years.

Red Tide And A Rising Sun

Old fashioned hamburgers lie dead on the streets.
Sea salt fries had met their defeat
from a mercenary, the red headed clown
and legions of stackers who helped beat them down
when off in the distance, we heard from the east,
Mr Lee's noodles were ready to feast.
And the samurai ninjas of the beef bowl revival,
chopsticks at the ready, Yoshinoya's, the rival....

And it's said, the King trembled...

That's right, Folks, 100 years of Fast Food Wars have been going on world wide for the last 100 years and the liberal main stream media has been keeping it a secret to keep their conservative bosses fat and happy.