Sep 5, 2017

Operation Enduring Digitarti-- Preface

Billy Jones tells the story of how one starving poet almost became the sole leader of the literary world with the worst plot you'll never read.

Operation Enduring Digitarti is the story of how one, no talent poet and grammatically-challenged aspiring novelist, attempted and almost became, the most famous writer in the history of the world despite overwhelming odds and constant heartaches by using weapons like run-on sentences, bad syntax, excessive, worn out clich├ęs, stolen puns, poor punucation skills (not counting the horrid spelling) and hyperlinks to put together an army of poets, writers and readers who would unwittingly push him to the top of the Blogosphere and into the waiting arms of the main stream publishing industry.

In what will become no doubt, the worst plot you never read, Operation Enduring Digitarti unfolds here for the first time with as much information as the government will allow to be made public before the ensuing trial.

At the bottom of each page is a link to the next log entry that will take you to the next part of the story.

And to think, it almost worked...

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