Sep 10, 2017

Operation Enduring Digitarti-- Entry 543

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Viral marketing, he thought, viral marketing is what I need to make Operation Enduring Digitarti a success. If I can just get some attractive young fans to go around talking about me I'll take the publishing industry by storm.

Made sense at the time. After all, the best publicity is always free. And it had to be better than spending hours on hold. I'm going out to find some hot young fans who will spread the word and make me a superstar without having to spend a dime.

But you see there were two problems with his plan: First, he was a middle aged white male going through male menopause and didn't know any hot young fans who were willing to promote his "talent" for free. Most wouldn't if he paid them. And second it was time to mow the lawn.

"Oh well," he mumbled, "Might as well go deep in debt for that used red sports car."