Sep 8, 2017

Operation Enduring Digitarti-- Entry 533

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 Not to be deterred by my previous setbacks and unintended casualties I decided to get Harper Collins on the phone thinking someone there might be wise enough to see me as the great author I really am. I mean, hey why not? Surely one publisher will be smart enough to see the writing on the wall and join the revolution.

"Honey, are you still on the phone?"

"Yes, Dear."

"But you've been on the phone for hours and hours. Wouldn't you rather be here in bed with me?"

"I know, but I still haven't gotten anyone to answer."

"That's because it's 1:00 Am on July the 4th and they're all on vacation. I'd really like for you to come to bed."

"That's okay, I'll hold."

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